• Michelle Beck's Home (map)
  • 78249


  • Hosted by various women. Led by Anna Thevaos (althevaos@yahoo.com)

  • This gathering will be held at Michelle Beck's home. She'll share some exciting parts of her JESUS story.

  • A transformational time of friendship, food and fun! (Need help with food, thanks :)

  • Faith4 The Everyday Woman: Theme's

    1. Faith4 The Promised Blessing - Jaime Flores.
    2. Faith In Our Foolishness - Sachiko Nagoa.
    3. Faith In Times of Silence - Michelle Beck.
    4. Faith In Joy - Sonia Maldonado.
    5. Faith In Our Mistakes - Stephanie Sinclair.
    6. Faith In Betrayal - Jessica Ramon.
    7. Faith4 The Future - Malena Lopez.
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