We are so thankful for our amazing youth and their hearts to serve the Lord and others! Check out Kiersten’s story! 

“Some people say that at my age, it’s too young to fully expect Christ in your life. In my opinion, you are never too young. When you know that Jesus is calling you, there are endless possibilities of what you can do. For a very long time I’ve always felt that I was called to be involved with children’s ministry. When Mrs. Jamie asked me if I would like to help, I jumped out of my seat and happily said yes. I just love hanging around the kids and helping them find out who Jesus is! It is so amazing to see how their little faces light up when you say “Jesus loves you!” Not only am I blessed to say I’m a Kidmin leader but I’m so blessed to say that I am involved in Lifeshare Church. They have taught me how to grow inside and outside of the church. Before I had started in Kidmin I never felt like speaking up about Jesus. I was just too scared. I now have the confidence to spread the love and word of God. I’m so in love with this church and it only keeps on growing!” ❤️ 
-Kiersten Lewis