I was going through the most difficult part of my life when I moved to San Antonio and found LifeShare Church. I moved and knew I needed to rekindle my relationship with Christ. I hopped from church to church looking for the right one. I wanted a mid-size intimate church that I could call home. A church that I could grow genuine friendships in. 

I came across LifeShare through a google search and immediately fell in love. I was brought to tears my first service here. The rawness in how Pastor Ted did the service shook me to my core. We worshiped, he preached, and instead of ending the service with a typical closing prayer like most churches I'd been to, he asked for anyone needing prayer, healing, or just love to raise their hands and encouraged the members to pray for these people. The church immediately laid hands on them, prayed over them, cried with them, and just loved on them. A few women had their hands on one lady and were fervently praying over her. The men were praying over each other as well. 

Pastor Ted walked off stage, put his hand on a woman and started commanding healing over her and blessings over the church. I could tell this wasn't scripted or planned. I remember being in tears when I looked around and saw so much love in the room. 

Pastor Ted did what he felt the Spirit was telling him to do. That's when I knew this was now my church. This church has been my biggest blessing! - Cindy Ochoa