About 6 months ago, I started noticing pain in my left hip and in the joints of my hands. A few of my fingers would swell and my joints would hurt. Of course, you start thinking the worse. The doctor informed me that it could be arthritis. Immediately I told myself, “NO.” I wouldn't accept that diagnosis. Unfortunately, as the months went on, my pain would come and go. 

I joined LifeShare Church about a year ago and started attending the monthly ladies meetings. During these meetings, when the ladies would pray for prayer requests, I would see God do and answer in mighty ways. One night I decided to ask this great group of prayer warrior's to pray and intercede that my joint pain would leave. And they did! 

About a week or so later, I noticed my hip and joints weren’t hurting, and my fingers weren't swelling! 
God had healed me and used these ladies, to be part of His miracle! 

Recently, I started feeling shoulder and neck pain due to stress. I had been under some stress due to my mom and her illness. 

A few weeks ago at LifeShare, I decided to go up to the alter and ask for prayer for my mom, even though my shoulder was in pain. I remember just taking a deep breath and releasing it, then telling God, “my mom and her sickness are yours.” I felt a release and a warm feeling covering from my neck to my shoulder. As the day progressed, the pain was less and less. By the next morning I had no more pain! I’m still pain free! HALLELUJAH! 

I do believe in prayer and miracles. I’m so thankful to be a part of a church that focuses on prayer and allows God to move in miraculous ways! LifeShare Church came into my life when I was in a difficult place. 
I’m so thankful to Jesus for always watching out for me and directing me to a church where I belong. He placed me in a group of people who love and support me unconditionally! Pastor Ted and Anna have a big heart for God and His people. You can feel and see it every time we come together as a church family. 

All honor and Glory go to our Heavenly Father! - Linda Cantu